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You will find the newest concepts built through the most winning preschool ministers on the planet. they have been built, demonstrated, and confirmed in genuine church buildings, and now their secrets and techniques are yours. no matter if you are a newcomer or a veteran, you will discover: Who preschoolers rather are. Ready-to-use actions teenagers cannot face up to. sensible principles for making a preschool-friendly surroundings. fast aid for recruiting and coaching volunteers. Ministry-tested counsel for operating with mom and dad. better of all, not just will you turbocharge your ministry, you will energize preschoolers to like Jesus.

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Adjust your visual environment. Boys’ and girls’ brains process images differently. Girls are more aware of color and texture; boys are better at discerning direction and speed. Also, keep your room lighting bright because boys tend to struggle if lighting is too dim. When serving snacks, keep in mind that there’s a gender difference in taste. Girls prefer sweet snacks, while boys prefer salty foods. Add movement to preschool ministry. Movement helps stimulate boys’ brains and manage their impulsive behavior.

How exciting for you as a preschool leader to know that you play a vital role as you assist them in this learning process. Give them the love, kindness, and patience they need as they grow toward fulfilling God’s purpose for their lives. —Gina Without a doubt, boys and girls learn differently. Gender differences are very real, present at birth, and a critical factor in how a child is raised, disciplined, and educated. This doesn’t mean that all girls learn one way and all boys another, but there are significant differences that appear to be at their highest level among preschool children.

Carefully plan your experiences in a way that ensures no child is left behind. Also, remember to give ample encouragement to all children for even the smallest accomplishments. Jealousy—The green-eyed monster is a common problem with children. Jealousy can rear its head at a very early age in preschoolers because of an inward need to be recognized for who they are. It’s often triggered by sibling rivalry if a sibling has more privileges, attention, or freedom. Peer pressure can become a huge factor in jealousy if a child doesn’t have the same material things friends have.

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