John F. Avanzini's 30, 60, hundredfold : your financial harvest released PDF

By John F. Avanzini

John Avanzini, pastor and television preacher, places forth the assumption of seedtime and harvest, connecting our willingness to sow (give) with God's promise of ample go back

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In fact, according to the scripture just quoted, it is not optional. This and other scriptures clearly teach us it is our responsibility to do so. However, using our tithes and offerings to do this is not based on any teaching I have found in the Word of God. In the Bible we are given explicit instructions as to where we are to give the tithe. Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house.... Malachi 3:10 It does not say to bring a portion of your tithe to your daughter's house that there may be food in her house.

In times past, people from all over the world have stayed in our home, driven our cars, found open arms and loving, sympathetic hearts. The two primary churches we pastored were always identified, above everything else, as churches full of love. Now as Pat and I travel worldwide, we find such fervent love everywhere we go that it overwhelms us. From Alaska to South America, from the Caribbean to the Hawaiian Islands, from Asia to Africa, letters and tokens of love come to us almost daily. We are reaping a great harvest of love and loyalty from seeds we have sown in the past.

I couldn't help but notice that even though many years had passed, not one of the seeds on her necklace had multiplied. They were exactly as they had been on the day we gave them to her. Why? Because Jesus, the Creator of seed, said if the seed doesn't fall into the ground, it cannot multiply. It will abide alone. Seed can fall into the hands of the artist, and with it he can make beautiful jewelry. However, polishing and crafting a seed cannot multiply it. Seed can fall into the kettle of some fine cook, and it can bring forth a meal fit for a king, but cooking a seed cannot multiply it.

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