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By Steve McVey

Could many churchgoing Christians be getting a diluted Christianity—one that diminishes the loving, giving, personal God who offers the believer every little thing in lifestyles? writer Steve McVey passionately yet unwittingly taught from the pulpit the very lies he now exposes. Forthrightly yet humbly, he indicates how pastors and church buildings can turn out distorting scriptural truths due to their preconceptions. starting up the Scriptures freshly, Steve examines commonplace difficulties comparable to

  • Leaving out 1/2 the truth: "Becoming a Christian capability having your sins forgiven." (We are also made alive!)
  • Using "shorthand" that promotes an unbiblical view: "Our sins are lower than the blood of Jesus." (Far larger, they have been taken away!)
  • Confusing our function with God's: "Salvation is giving your existence to Christ." (More vital, He offers His lifestyles to us!) Readers will see that God's undiluted fact is often best...and brings a satisfying, shut dating with Him.
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    These are the people who begin discovering what a grace perspective accomplishes in our lives—without a struggle. Clarify Your Thinking As you grow in your understanding of the great love that He has for you, you’ll discover an awakening and motivation within you. In response to His love, you will grow and flourish. You’ll find yourself loving Him more and more (and even loving everybody else around you more and more too). The idea that the greatest need in your life is to love God more may sound true on the surface, but it is a legalistic lie.

    We simply come to experience it through faith. According to what Paul said about the matter, we can’t even take credit for the faith, for it too “is a gift of God” and not something that we work up by our own resolve. Clarify Your Thinking My intention is not to plant doubt in the minds of people who’ve been taught that they became Christians through giving their lives to God. To the contrary, I want you to see that before you ever wanted Him, He wanted you! I suspect that many—if not most—of us didn’t clearly understand all that happened when we began to follow Christ.

    We thank God for that, but if that is the extent of our understanding, we will find ourselves falling far short of living up to the full potential we have in Christ. Becoming a Christian happens when by faith you recognize that your life and the life of Jesus have merged together into one. The idea that Christianity is merely about having our sins forgiven has led many people to experience an anemic walk in their daily lives. They know they have been born again and are on their way to heaven, but because they fail to understand that the primary aspect of salvation is realizing the subjective experience of Christ’s indwelling life, they see their lives here on earth as time in a waiting room, where they stay until it’s time to go to heaven.

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