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By Mendoza J.

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It is possible to define task in separate file and use compile directive 'include to include the task in the file which instantiates the task. task can include timing delays, like posedge, negedge, # delay. task can have any number of inputs and outputs. The variables declared within the task are local to that task. The order of declaration within the task defines how the variables passed to the task by the caller are used. task can take drive and source global variables, when no local variables are used.

The 1st terminal in the list of gate terminals is an output and the other terminals are inputs. and nand or nor xor xnor N-input AND gate N-input NAND gate N-input OR gate N-input NOR gate N-input XOR gate N-input XNOR gate Examples and U1(out,in); and U2(out,in1,in2,in3,in4); xor U3(out,in1,in2,in3); Transmission Gate Primitives not buf bufif0 bufif1 notif0 N-output invertor. N-output buffer. Tri-state buffer, Active low en. Tri-state buffer, Active high en. Tristate inverter, Low en. notif1 Tristate inverter, High en.

Executes an once at the start of the loop. Executes the loop as long as an evaluates as true. Executes a at the end of each pass through the loop. syntax : for (; , ) Example : for (i=0;i<=63;i=i+1) ram[i] <= 0; // Inialize the RAM with 0 Continuous Assignment Statements Continuous assignment statements drives nets (wire data type). They represent structural connections. ? ? They are used for modeling Tri-State buffers.

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