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By Mark Harvey

This grammar presents an outline of Limilngan, a formerly undescribed and now extinct language of northern Australia. Australian languages regularly express a excessive measure of structural similarity to each other. Limilngan indicates a number of the universal Australian styles, yet in different parts it diverges considerably from them. It has a typical Australian phonological stock, bit its phonotactic styles are strange. a few heterorganic clusters comparable to /kb/ are of markedly greater frequency than homorganic clusters comparable to /nd/. Like a few Australian languages, Limilngan has many vowel-initial morphemes. even if, traditionally those outcome from lenition and never from preliminary losing as somewhere else in Australia.

Like many northern languages, it has advanced platforms of either prefixation and suffixation to nominals and verbs. Prefixation presents information regarding nominal type (four classes), temper, and pronominal cross-reference (subject and objects). Suffixation offers information regarding case, annoying and element. Limilngan differs from so much Australian languages in massive volume of its morphology is unproductive, displaying complicated and abnormal allomorphic variation.

Limilngan is like such a lot Australian languages in that it can be defined as a unfastened observe order language. notwithstanding, be aware order isn't really free of charge and strictly ordered phrasal compounding constructions are major (e.g. within the formation of denominal verbs).

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The complexities of stress placement arise in words which are trisyllabic or longer, and principally amongst those which are polymorphemic. These are standard patterns among prefixing l anguages. 32 Mark Harvey Crosslinguistically the auditory perception of stress is most commonly correlated with higher amplitude, longer vowels, and high tones. Of these three potential cues, the first i s the most consistent indicator of stress in Limilngan. The potentialities for alternating the respective amplitudes of neighbouring syllables provided the clearest and most consistent guide to stress placement.

The palatal continuant does not have an independent segmental realisation fol lowing the Iii vowel . (2-36) a. liyarr pandanus [nar] * [IIjar] b. iyinbayk ghost Qmbaik] * [Ijmbaik] c. limiyuk grub sp. [IImiuk] * [IImljuk] The factor supporting the positing of a Iyl in (2-36) is the tense vowel allophone [i]. This all ophone otherwise appears only in word-final position, and in syll ables closed by palatal consonants. There is no apparent motivation for its appearance in hiatus. The tense allophone in these forms is most satisfactorily accounted for as a unitary realisation of iii + Iy/.

There are forms which are not attested with an [Id] realisation, despite a preceding stress. Phonology (2-25) a. il-ami-ny n-do/say-pp 'It did/said it. ' [Ilamip] b. i] There are i n fact n o examples of the [ Id ) sequence consistently in the realisations o f nominals. This sequence is found consistently only in the realisations of verbs. However, as (2-25) ill ustrates, it is not found in all verbs, though it is common. Further, there is one verb paradigm which shows [ld] preceded by an unstressed vowel .

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