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This is not the case in Ma˝vea, as shown below. (107) Vovrodal mo-sum Vopua. ’ Unlike common nouns, personal nouns in Ma˝vea need not be preceded by an article (as is the case in Lolovoli, for example, Hyslop 2001:74). On the other hand, personal nouns show a gender distinction. Most male names start with moland female names tend to start with vo- or va-. 2. 2 Male and female personal names Male Moltas Mol˝vatol Moltoaima Molavea Moliala Mol˝paio Daldal Vuropaitia Female Vopua Vovaro Vosike Valeo Vomoliala Vatarul Vovrodal ˝ Lima The bound morpheme vo- (or va-) is a feminizing morpheme (Lynch 2001:233).

However, the allophonic variation between [p] and [f] for /p/ in onset position has not been found. Word-initially, [p] is chosen. In word-final position, any of the allophones may surface. (14) /lap John/ [laf] John ∼ [lav] John ∼ [laB] John ∼ [lap] John ‘for John’ In coda position, the stop is so “laxly” articulated that it can easily be mistaken for a fricative. This allophonic variation is also found in borrowed words. The Bislama lexeme kap ‘cup’ may be pronounced with any of the allophones, given that /p/ is a coda.

8 Are there prenasalized stops in Ma˝vea? Pre-nasalized stops are reconstructed in POc (Lynch et al. 2002:64–65). They are part of the Tamambo phonemic inventory (Jauncey 1997:25), and also occur in Lolovoli (Hyslop 2001:31), but not in Araki (Franc¸ois 2002:15). ” 11 Note that the rules Jauncey supplies to account for the distribution of the glides in a sequence of three vowels (reported in [21]) actually include only one vowel. 12 The nine phonetic diphthongs listed in Hyslop (2001:39) are all falling in sonority.

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