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By Henry Joseph Monck Mason

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What the official planners had not foreseen, however, was that the MST increased in strength and visibility in Brazilian society over this very same period. In order to understand these numbers, we must recapitulate some key events related to the MST and the country’s ­politics. On 17 April 1996, nineteen militants from the MST were shot and killed by the military police of the northern state of Pará while demonstrating on a road at Eldorado dos Carajás, in that state. The incident was televised and re-transmitted worldwide.

This is the root of the radical form assumed by the MST’s claims. indd 92-93 in a spirit of compromise and transaction, but nobody should be asked to renounce a fundamental right. Instead of representing a potential risk to Brazilian democracy, as some analysts say, the MST is a valuable factor towards strengthening democratic life since it underscores the central need to respect and actively defend fundamental rights. Thus, former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso was right when he emphasised, in a speech on the occasion of the sanctioning of the law that created the public land registry system, on 28 August 2001, ‘the great cooperation provided by the MST for the change of Brazilian society, even when sometimes it has gone too far’.

The states of Rio Grande do Sul and Paraná pioneered the introduction of modern technology and capital-intensive farming methods, mainly for the production of soya and soya derivatives for export. At the same time, minifundia – the subdivision of land until individual plots are too small to be viable, often divided between sons as they are handed on to the next generation – is widespread in traditional areas that have been settled by Italian, German and Polish immigrants among others, and has been the major cause of emigration to neighbouring Paraguay and Rondonia and Mato Grosso in the Amazon since the 1960s.

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