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By Claire Thompson

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Then deciding she was ready, she let about half of the water out of the tub and scooted forward, angling herself so she straddled either side of the faucet. She had turned on the water, adjusting it until it was comfortable and then she moved again so that her pussy was positioned directly beneath the strong spray. She had crouched up like a frog, watching the water cascading against her spread pussy. She felt wanton. Naughty, but delicious. Leaning back on her elbows, she had let her head fall back so her hair dipped into the water.

Forgive me but that kind of prattle just doesn’t ‘do it’ for me. ” Rachel felt affronted. If he wasn’t into this sort of thing, why had he called a phone sex line? What was this guy’s problem? She began to retort, to defend her “craft”, but he gently interrupted. “Please, forgive me. I meant no offense. I just called the service on a lark, never expecting to hear that gorgeous voice at the other end. You entranced me. ” But it was she who was caught off guard. This had never happened, not in all the months she’d been teasing men on the phone for pay.

Taking a deep breath, she admitted slowly, “I’m hot, Richard. I’m hot and wet. I feel so,” she paused, searching for the word, trying to describe feelings that were so new. “I feel so alive! Vibrant. So incredibly sexy. ” “Perfect,” Richard responded, his voice tight with his own arousal. “Put on the other clothespin, Rachel. I want you to feel the bite of your submission with the kiss of your orgasm. ” Rachel felt almost faint, dizzy with need. She grabbed another clothespin and opened it, clamping it onto her tender bud.

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