Absolute Science: Non-specialist Teacher Pack Year 7 by Brian Arnold, Geoff Jones, Mary Jones, Emma Poole PDF

By Brian Arnold, Geoff Jones, Mary Jones, Emma Poole

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If they look at where they are placing the slide (with the 'interesting bit' over the hole in the stage) and use the lowest power (smallest) objective lens, they should be able to see cells. Once again, the use of a video camera to show the students what they are looking for is highly recommended. Safety points As for Worksheets B1, Using a microscope and B3, Looking at plant cells. Worksheet B5, Making drawings of biological specimens This is a fairly high-level skill, and you should not expect too much from the pupils at this stage.

Differentiation Learning Outcomes Pupils understand, and have written down, a table of differences between plant and animal cells. Differentiation by outcome – pupils will produce work of varying quality. Pupils understand, and have written down, the key features of a good biological drawing. U2 18/9/02 3:41 pm Page 60 a pter 2 Absolute Science Lesson Plan Ch 60 Chapter 2 Lesson 5 Date Class Lesson Focus Cell specialisation Mixed Ability/Set Pupil Book 1 p. 27 Expectations © HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2002 Most Pupils Understand how different cells are specialised for different functions.

You can use the diagrams in the Pupil Book to introduce the idea of using annotated diagrams to explain biological structures and functions. Pupils often believe that large organisms have larger cells than small organisms, and here they are asked to think about whether or not this is true, and how they might go about finding the answer. This could be handled as a class discussion, and would be an opportunity to think about how to design an investigation to answer a simple question. Worksheet B8, Specialised cells, can be used for class work or for homework.

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