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By Eric Weber

The writer exhibits that advisory forums in technology-based startups have seven diverse roles and capabilities: keep watch over, suggestion, networking, signalling, capital provision, co-management, coordination. it really is proven that enterprise capital traders try and impression the significance of those roles in favour of keep watch over, coordination and co-management. opposite to this, the delight of founders in addition to advisory board contributors raises with the next value of recommendation, networking and signalling. This research offers either qualitative and quantitative empirical information at the utilization of these forums in practice.

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While shareholders only appoint SB members, the SB itself elects the management board members. In addition, in some legal frameworks such as in Germany and dependent on the legal form and total number of employees, representatives of employees have to be invited to join a SB. Therefore, it is similar in both systems that members of the BOD or SB, who are in both cases elected by the shareholders, delegate authority to a group of managers and both are responsible for financial reporting, control systems and legal compliance (Mallin 2010).

Firstly, they have a duty of loyalty, which means that they are only allowed to exercise power in the interest of the firm and not for personal benefits, as well as their role requires full disclosure and confidentiality. Furthermore, directors have a duty of care or diligence to act in good faith and in the best interest of the company, to be honest, to gather adequate information, to join meetings regularly and to establish control mechanisms. In addition, there is a duty of fairness when it comes to transactions between a company and a director or companies owned by him or her.

Although her entrepreneurial startup phase covers the whole development of a family business until the first succession and her sample only includes companies with more than 100 employees – and thus a longer period and larger companies than in the present study – at least some findings can be applied to the given context. With regard to high ownership concentration at the 42 owner-manager level during the entrepreneurial phase, she argues the agency problem might be less relevant, but ABs may assist in preventing overconfidence and overenthusiastic reactions of founders.

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