Algebraic Geometry: Summer Meeting, Copenhagen, August 7–12, - download pdf or read online

By Fabrizio Catanese (auth.), Knud Lønsted (eds.)

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2) shows that C 0 is torsion free (this is also proved in [6]). 3) Lemma. For o,o' e ~ , Proof. Ds(O') is: o-Ds(O') : o'-Ds(O) , and: -(o-o0)-(o'-o0)- [ O'Ds(O'). 2) we get D s (~') = [ aiC ~. i>0 Ds(O)-Ds(O') = -a k. Thus, the first equality follows by symmetry, and the second is now an easy computation. Ds(O') coming from the behavior of at the bad fibers. o and o' These correction terms are easy to compute once we know which components of Xs o and ~' hit. [For each type in the Kodaira classification, the picture in Table I (one needs to know the multiplicities of all the components) enables one to compute Ds(O') explicitly.

Pluricanonical systems an algebraic surfaces J. Math. Soc. Japan, 20 (1968) pp. 170-192 . M. of surfaces Rinehart Amer. J. 31 (1975) of general type", and Winston,New-York. "New proof for the existence of locally complete families of complex structures", Proc. Conf. Compl. Analysis, Minneapolis, pp. 142-154, Springer (1965). I. R. Acad. Bulgare Sc. 30, n. 3 (1977) pp. 323-325. ~ Mori, S. 'tOn a generalization of complete intersections", Kyoto Univ. Vol. 15, N. 3 (1975) pp. 619-646. ~63 Mumford, D.

And 6 that Here, 0 = ~ as required. is t o r s i o n - f r e e are 7 bad fibers: I I. 6) one of type and ~ ~ °0' is a little I~ (over then a is torsion-free). is impossible. must Thus From here on, the is easy. more known examples--see [1,§2]. References. I. D. Cox and S. Zucker: elliptic 2. W. Hoyt surfaces. Math. 4. On compact A. Neron: ModUles minimaux des vari6ti6s C. Schwartz: T. Shioda: S. Zucker: on normal 8. surfaces, (1983). 24, 20-59 7. analytic 78, 1-40 locaux et globaux. Pub. On generators Weierstrass On elliptic of for the W e i e r s t r a s s Math.

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