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Greater than fifteen years in the past, Constance Weaver's Grammar for academics (NCTE, 1979) broke new flooring by means of responding to common challenge concerning the position of grammar within the curriculum. Suggesting that academics want to know key points of grammar so one can educate writing extra successfully, Weaver additionally argued that scholars have to be guided in studying and making use of grammatical innovations as they revise and edit their writing.

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At one time, Yugoslavia was a collection of republics with Tito, also known as Josip Broz, ruling this unruly collection of ethnic groups. Tito died in 1989, and matters went from bad to worse. A collision of religious and ethnic groups became inevitable In 1991, all this ended with secession of the republics beginning with Slavonia and followed by Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina Montenegro, and Macedonia. Serbia was left, and its dream of a Greater Serbia ruled from Belgrade seemed over. But Slobodan Milocevic, president of Serbia had other ideas.

Using the Freedom of Information Act is not always productive. An estimated 60 percent of all District Court judges have been appointed by Presidents Reagan and Bush. In cases that might reflect unfavorably on either, the result is often in doubt. Senator Dole has announced he would make a campaign issue out of Clinton's judicial appointments; they are too "liberal" claimed Dole. The courts of the United States sometimes have a way of appearing dedicated to the agenda of a particular judge, or Justice in the Supreme Court.

However, Ford finally settled Vietnam. in 1975 on terms less than satisfactory to the United States. This country had been defeated by Ho Chi Minh's ragtag army and its persistence. In 1996, President Clinton authorized limited diplomatic relations with a reunited Vietnam. In the last fifteen years, the country has had to deal with secrecy in the way foreign policy was made based on the old colonial theory that the United States must deal with the leaders of other countries as somehow benign and troubled by the presence of Communists in their midst.

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