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By Barrington J. Bayley

From the Garlowe Clusters within the north to the Veils of Darkness within the south, the famous person nation sprawled over approximately a 5th of the galaxy. So large was once this realm that those that tussled for strength over it appeared not able to understand that it confronted annihilation by means of the Patch, a roving zone of unusual pseudo-energy a light-year throughout which tired the life-force from any residing factor it encountered.

The Patch had moved into the dominion and was once systematically feeding on approach after procedure. Cynically unperturbed by means of the appalling demise, the royal homes purely attempted to contain the Patch of their machinations, to the level that civil conflict broke out yet again. yet within the occasion, the Patch was once to supply the the most important consider the fight for absolute energy. The Annihilation Factor!

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But to someone with the equipment to make proper installations, with the terrible armaments that Jundrak had at his disposal, the asteroid belt was a well nigh impregnable fortress. And the necessary excavations having already been made for the most part, the base could be established quickly and unobtrusively, in short, secretly. The whole slipway fleet was undergoing its trials and those trials fulfilled all Jundrak’s expectations. True, it was small as compared with any of the grand fleets—merely fifty first line ships as against their hundreds—but with their speed, their maneuverability, their tremendously updated firepower, he was confident he could take on any one of those fleets and annihilate it.

Jundrak lost five men. As the last disheveled defenders were herded away something happened which caught Jundrak’s attention. One of the men shuffling by him in the line suddenly straightened up, looked him disconcertingly in the eye, and said: “Don’t worry, you long-living rat. ” Jundrak stepped forward angrily and gripped the man by the arm, yanking him out of the line. He resisted, but the officer’s power-assisted strength was too much for him. Jundrak forced him to his knees and loomed over him, the motors of his suit humming slightly as he flexed his muscles.

As the locking plates clanged shut behind them a shimmering surface began to form on the walls of the tubes, like water. The men took hold of stanchion handles provided for the purpose. Then they were slid swiftly out into space. As they were ejected, the watery surface sprang into the form of a viscous, transparent bubble, in appearance like a soap bubble, supported by a light, flimsy frame to which the holding handles were attached. The liquid bubble held air, so that even with a damaged spacesuit a man could live, and it also warded off sun glare and moderately harsh radiation.

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