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All rights reserved. 1. 4). I/O cables that are not connected to a peripheral shall be bundled in the center. The end of the cable may be terminated, if required, using the correct terminating impedance. 4). EUT connected to one LISN. Unused LISN measuring port connectors shall be terminated in 50 Ω. 1). 1) All other equipment powered from additional LISN(s). 2) Multiple outlet strip can be used for multiple power cords of non-EUT equipment. 3) LISN at least 80 cm from nearest part of EUT chassis.

4-2003 STANDARD FOR METHODS OF MEASUREMENT OF RADIO-NOISE EMISSIONS These measurements are carried out with broadband antennas. Separation distances R, are measured with respect to the center of the transmit and receive antennas. The separation distance R shall be maintained for all measurements. This requires that the receive antenna be moved along the line in the directions shown in Figure 8a through Figure 8d to maintain the separation distance R constant for all transmit antenna positions. Also, the transmit and receive antennas shall be aligned with the antenna elements parallel to each other and orthogonal to the measurement axis.

These power cords of nonEUT equipment should not be draped over the top of an LISN. See Figure 10a. For radiated emission measurements, all power cords drape to the floor and are routed over to the ac power receptacles (on the LISNs if used) (See Figure 11a). For floor-standing equipment, excess interconnecting cable lengths shall be folded back and forth in the center to form a bundle between 30 and 40 cm in length. If the cables cannot be folded because of bulk, stiffness, or length, they shall be arranged in a serpentine fashion.

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