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Use care to avoid breaking. Replacement Note: From behind the bottom case, hold the display upright and tilted back. Move the display toward the hooks on the bottom case and guide the hooks into the slot of the center clutch cover so that the hooks catch on the back Take Apart Display Assembly - 30 edge of the cover. Check the back of the computer before tightening all the screws to see that the hooks are not sticking out the back of the clutch cover. If the hooks show, you may be able to carefully flex the clutch cover with a non-marring flat-blade tool until the hooks snap into place.

4. Lift up on the bottom of the display mounting frame and slide it toward the handle. 5. Lift the mounting frame out. 6. Deroute the antenna from the display frame. 7. Remove the two screws from the antenna IC board. Replacement Note: Verify that the EMI spring is slid onto the bottom left inverter board screw tab on the mounting frame and will contact the metal of the display housing. Take Apart Handle - 61 Handle Before you begin, remove the following: • AC adapter • Battery • Keyboard • Top case • Modem • Display assembly • Display bezel 1.

Deroute the cables from the center clutch cover. 2. Tilt the center clutch cover and remove it. Take Apart Handle - 62 3. Lift up the back of the display until the screws on the back of the center left and right clutch covers are visible. Remove the screws. 4. Slide the clutch covers and their metal sleeves off of the clutches. 5. Deroute the cables off of the clutches. Take Apart Handle - 63 6. Loosen the four short Phillips screws on the top of the display mounting frame. 7. Remove the four long Phillips screws on the bottom of the display mounting frame.

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