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The future is here. ” The Aptera looks like a spacecraft on this California street. 38 Onward and Upward Prius Vital Stats APTERA 2E Battery type: lithium iron phosphate Curb Weight: 1,500 lbs (680 kg) Seats: 2 Top Speed: 90 mph 0–60 mph (0–97 km/h): 10 seconds Battery Charge Range: 100 miles (161 km) Recharge Time: 8 hours in 110-volt outlet 40 The Birth of the Prius 41 Prius Glossary accelerate To move faster. aerodynamic Shaped so that air will easily flow around an object, such as a car, enabling it to go faster with less effort.

An Aptera Motors hopes to produce 5,000 average car traveling at 55 cars in its first production year. They plan miles per hour (89 km/h) on adding a new facility soon that will en- uses approximately able them to build 20,000 cars per year. 50 percent of its energy pushing air out of the way! Judging from the buzz the Aptera has created, they’ll need it. Jay Leno, host of The Tonight Show and well-known car geek, has expressed his excitement about the Aptera, mentioning it on the program and calling it the coolest electric car ever.

The car’s two butterfly-style doors open up, not out like a regular car. Even in tight parking spaces the driver and passenger can open the doors without trouble. The doors also add to the cool, futuristic design of the Aptera. Since the Aptera 2e is all-electric, it’s a single-speed car. This means that the typical gears that enable a car to move forward, move backward, or park are replaced by three drive modes—D1 is best for longdistance driving, during which maximum efficiency is desired; D2 is for regular, in-and-out-of-traffic driving; and D3 is for faster driving, when quick bursts of speed are needed.

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