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By Szives O., Csontos L., Bujtor L., Fözy I.

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Bubbled, rounded involute forms with deep umbilicus and rounded umbilical edge. Whorl section highly depressed with maximum width at the outer part of the dorsolateral region. Venter is slighly rounded or flat, the species characterized by sinuous constrictions, numerically 5–6 on the last whorl. In between the constrictions, fine striae starts from the lateral region, these can be observed on the well preserved specimens, mainly from Kálvária Hill. Discussion. Hungarian specimens show good similarity to those described by ANTHULA (1899), with the slight difference that on the Hungarian specimens’ striae start at the lateral side.

32, Figure 14 Tetragonites heterosulcatus ANTHULA — KVANTALIANI, p. 22, Pl. 3, Figure 4 Eotetragonites heterosulcatus ANTHULA — FÜLÖP, p. 104, Pl. 49, Figure 14, 15 Tetragonites hetrosulcatus ANTHULA — KOTETISHVILI, p. 35, Pl. ) heterosulcatus ANTHULA — KENNEDY & KLINGER, p. 152, Figure 1 a–f Material. 47 fragments and hollow internal moulds from Kálvária Hill, Vájáriskola and Márvány Quarry localities. Measurements. D H W U W/H Vájáriskola 1. 08 2. – – – 12 – Kálvária Hill 1. 1 2. 35 3. 22 Description.

114, Pl. 1, Figure 10, 11 Ph. ) velledae MICHELIN — VASICEK & RAKÚS, Pl. 22, Figure 1 Material. Four damaged internal moulds from Kálvária Hill and two well preserved specimens from Vájáriskola. Measurement. D H W U W/H 1. 55 2. 66 47 Aptian stage Description. Small, involute forms with high aperture and deep umbilicus. Whorl section oval. On the ventral-ventrolateral sides of the moulds fine radial striae can be visible which apperently disappear towards the dorsal part. Suture lines cannot be observed.

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