Philip Francis Nowlan's Armageddon-2419 A.D. PDF

By Philip Francis Nowlan

The unique greenback Rogers novella from 1928! Mining engineer Anthony Rogers is trapped by means of a mine cave in and falls right into a nation of suspended animation as a result of the presence of radioactive gases. He awakens approximately years later, to a usa that has been conquered by means of the chinese language. utilizing his 20th-century army wisdom, he is helping the down-trodden american citizens take again their nation.

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A shriek followed the explosion. I heard the tree crash down, then a groan. There was silence for a while. Then I heard a faint sound of boughs swishing. I shot three times in its direction, pressing the button as rapidly as I could. Branches crashed down where my shells had exploded, but there was no body. Now I saw one of them. He was starting one of those amazing leaps from the bough of one tree to another about forty feet away. I threw up my gun impulsively and fired. By now I had gotten the feel of the weapon, and my aim was good.

It is completely inert to both electric and magnetic forces in all the orders above the ultronic; that is to say, the sub-electronic, the electronic, the atomic and the molecular. In consequence it has a number of amazing and valuable properties. One of these is the total lack of weight. Another is a total lack of heat. It has no molecular vibration whatever. It reflects 100 percent of the heat and light impinging upon it. It does not feel cold to the touch, of course, since it will not absorb the heat of the hand.

Resources of every description, for military safety and efficiency, belonged as a matter of public interest to the community as a whole. In the meantime, through these many generations, the Hans had developed a luxury economy. " And since the Hans neither needed nor wanted the woods or the wild men, they treated Americans as beasts, and were conscious of no human brotherhood with them. As time went on, and synthetic processes of producing foods and materials were further developed, less and less ground was needed by the Hans for the purposes of agriculture; finally, even the working of mines was abandoned when it became cheaper to build up metal from electronic vibrations than to dig them out of the ground.

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