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By J. Starkie Gardner

Раритетная книга. Рассказ об английских рыцарских доспехах до господства Джеймса I

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Under lowering skies, relieved by the fluttering pennons and banners and emblazoned shields, formed a picture that the old Crusading Chroniclers loved to dwell on, gray burnished steel, glittering in the sun or gatherings of the chivalry of In the days of the last of the Paladins, of Godfrey de Bouillon Europe. and Richard Cceur de Lion, the dress of burnished mail was the knight's filling the imagination with those great and no garment concealed it. But as progress and love of change are universal, and the mail itself could not well be embellished, an embroidered surcoat was worn over it in the more degenerate days of especial pride, John and his son Henry, concealing all but the limbs and head.

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