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Healing usually begins within days after carbon is removed. Zeolite products could cause a similar problem too, but less severe and less common. Large Arowanas are less sensitive to Head rot Syndrome. FIN MEMBRANE TEAR This is quite common and benign, Unlike Tail-drop syndrome; the tear is between the fin rays and runs parallel to the rays. A possible cause could be due to injury, followed by violent behavior and other signs of injury. Provide good food and water. 3% salt and acraflavine. A fin membrane tear heals fast, sometimes within days.

Water plants serves several functions for an outdoor pond: 1) Convert carbon dioxide into oxygen in sunlight 2) Convert ammonia, nitrates and urea into food. 3) Provide shade from afternoon sunlight. 4) Decoration for the pond. Generally, you do not want to have water plants covering more than half your pond. Good options for water plants include the water lily and the water hyacinth. FEEDING I Hm HON Being a carnivorous fish in the wild, the Arowana feeds on a relatively wide selection of fishes, insects, shellfish and amphibians.

For frozen prawns, the ideal ones are those between 5cm to 8cm. Make sure to break off the pincers at the prawn's head and tail. Then, cut the remaining parts into smaller pieces. For young Arowanas below 20cm, make sure to remove the shells of the prawns before feeding. Crickets: Crickets are very popular among Arowanas. Most breeders and enthusiasts will agree that this is the Arowanas' favorite food. Crickets are a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Make sure you feed the crickets with carrots first before you feed them to the Arowana.

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