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80) (PS) (NUM) (EP) (ART) N (-PS) (ADJ) (DEM) The direct possessor pronoun (-PS) is the only affix found in the noun phrase. Some coordinate noun phrases are joined by the conjunction ma 'CONJ', as na sule ma na pile 'the big and the small' are in (81), while others are simply juxtaposed, as are gari mokoni, gari ghaoka'young teen girls, young girls'. PL EMPH hear-TR-O:3SG ART big CONJ ART small woman CONJ ART man 45 gari mokoni, gari ghaoka child post-pubescent girl child female 'we all will listen to her: the big and the small, [the] women and the men, postpubescent girls, pre-pubescent girls' Disjunct noun phrases are joined by the conjunction pa 'or'.

B. Na tha t-o ghoni-a? ' The pronouns thi and tha do double duty as interrogative pronouns 'who' and 'what' respectively. The role of thi and tha in posing content questions is discussed below (page 185ff). 3 Basic noun phrase structure The Lengo noun phrase is minimally comprised of a noun. While the article is rarely omitted, it is absent from time to time and must be considered optional. Beyond this there are optional indicators of possessor (direct and indirect) person and number, along with adjectives and demonstratives.

This is not true of the subject reference pronoun: it does not share the distributional properties of noun phrases. Another difficulty this analysis presents is that of the subject reference pronoun's role in marking time. The subject reference pronoun is discussed as part of the verb phrase because of the range of TAM markers which affix to it. The subject reference pronoun's role in carrying TAM marking is unmistakable. 36 Nordlinger and Sadler (2004), however, have evidence that 35 36 This accurately describes the situation in Lengo with the exception that subject noun phrases continue to be found after subject reference has been established, as demonstrated above in the discussion of the emphatic pronoun.

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