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Barbara Unterbeck et al. Berlin: de Gruyter, 665–688. Ibrahim, H. Muhammad. 1973. Grammatical gender. Its origin and development. The Hague: Mouton. Irmen, Lisa & Astrid Köhncke. 1996. ” Sprache & Kognition 15: 152–166. Jones, Charles. 1988. Grammatical gender in English: 950–1250. London: Croom Helm. Kastovsky, Dieter. 2000. ” In Gender in grammar and cognition, eds. Barbara Unterbeck et al. Berlin: de Gruyter, 709–727. Kramarae, Cheris & Paula A. Treichler. 1985. A feminist dictionary. Boston: Pandora.

Furthermore, a Muslim woman does not have the right to marry outside her religion whereas a man can marry a non-Muslim woman without her conversion to Islam. Repudiation allows a man to divorce his wife without her consent. In case of divorce, a woman gets custody of the children unless she remarries, in which case she loses all claims to the children; this is in sharp contrast with a man’s right to remarry and keep the children should his ex-wife remarry. Women are not responsible in a court of law; they cannot act as witnesses.

In contrast to English, Persian even lost pronominal gender distinctions. The loss of grammatical gender in English is described in Jones (1988), and more recently, Kastovsky (2000); for a diachronic perspective on gender in the Scandinavian languages cf. Braunmüller (2000), in French cf. Härmä (2000), and in the Iranian languages Corbett (1991: 315–318). 21 22 Marlis Hellinger and Hadumod Bußmann 12. , the Navajo, are described in Whitehead (1991). So-called “abnormal” developments are discussed in Wodak & Benke (1997: ch.

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