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By Anna Maria Di Sciullo

This quantity brings to fore the centrality of asymmetry in DP, vice president and CP. A finer grained articulation of the DP is proposed, and additional practical projections for restrictive family members, in addition to a sophisticated analyses of case id and presumptive pronouns. The papers on vice president speak about additional asymmetries between arguments, and among arguments and adjuncts. Double-object buildings, specificational copula sentences, secondary predicates, and the scope houses of adjuncts are mentioned during this standpoint. The papers on CP suggest an additional articulation of the phrasal projection, justifications for Remnant IP move, and an research of edition in clause constitution asymmetries. The papers in semantics aid the speculation that interpretation is a functionality of configurational asymmetry. The type/token info distinction is additional argued to correspond to the partition among the higher and reduce point of the word. it's also proposed that time of View Roles are usually not primitives of the pragmatic part, yet are head-dependent different types. Configurationality is additional argued to be required to tell apart contrastive from non-contrastive subject. Compositionality is proposed to provide an explanation for cross-linguistic diversifications within the selectional behaviour of typologically assorted languages.

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34) a. [[D Celui] [qui est venu] e ]. [[D Cel] [care a venit] e ]. the-he who has come b. ny mbola tsy tonga the still not arrive ‘those who still haven’t come’ (French) (Romanian) (Malagasy) An asymmetry within the class of modifiers This shows that the second conjunct in (30) – FP2 – is a constituent, since it can independently be selected as a complement of D0 . 2 (35) But that as syre launcelot dyd was of his grete gentylness.  Comparatives, equatives, and degree constructions An indirect confirmation for our analysis comes from comparatives.

2000b). On the (in)ability of prenominal adjectives to take complements. West Coast Conference in Formal Linguistics, 19, 29–42. Bernstein, J. (1993). Topics in the syntax of nominal structure across Romance. D. dissertation, CUNY. Chomsky, N. (1998). Minimalist inquiries: The framework. MIT Occasional Papers in Linguistics, 15. Cinque, G. (1994). On the evidence for partial N-movement in the Romance DP. In G. Cinque, J. -Y. Pollock, L. Rizzi, & R. ), Paths toward Universal Grammar: Studies in honor of Richard S.

In Section 4, I detail the proposal which is subsequently applied to the Fi and OR constructions. .  Finnish constructions with nominative objects In Fi, direct object singular count nouns receive (a) the accusative case11 (-n), (b) the partitive case (-a/-ä, -ta/tä), or (c) the nominative case (-Ø), depending on the context. This is illustrated in (9a), (9b), and (10), respectively. (9) a. (Minä) lu-i-n tämä-n kirja-n. ’ b. (Minä) lu-i-n tä-tä kirja-a. ’ (10) a. Sinu-n täyty-y luke-a tämä kirja.

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