S. Nilsson, A. Käärik, M. J. Keller, M. E. Kiffer, J.'s Atlas of Airborne Fungal Spores in Europe PDF

By S. Nilsson, A. Käärik, M. J. Keller, M. E. Kiffer, J. Perreau, M. O. Reisinger

The current atlas is addressed typically to those that, departing from diversified spheres of curiosity, are learning the dispersal of fungus spores within the air, like aero biologists, plant pathologists, clinical mycologists, allergologists, or these attracted to spore morphology as a taxonomic instrument. The gradually expanding curiosity in pollution difficulties has additionally stimulat­ ed investigations within the microbiological fraction of air pollution. over the last a long time the examine of microbial existence within the surroundings has constructed to a unique department of organic sciences - aerobiology of which the 1st experiences are from the tip of the final century. along with pollen grains and spores of upper crops and micro organism, fungal diaspores give a contribution a relentless and sub­ stantial a part of the airborne microorganisms. tools for learning airborne spores are defined and significantly mentioned by means of e. g. Dimmick and Akers (1969), Ingold (1971) and Gregory (1973). the particular content material of fungus spores within the air is due to the advanced methods, all of that are influ­ enced through exterior components in numerous methods. The impression of the various meteorological components on spore formation, liberation, shipping and deposi­ tion is largely mentioned through Ingold and Gregory. There are massive problems in picking indifferent fungus spores visually. The taxonomy of the fungi is usually in line with the ontogeny of the spores which can't be by way of exam of unmarried spores within the air. The conidial improvement in Deuteromycotina and constitution of conidiopho­ res are excellently defined and illustrated via Cole and Samson (1979).

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Eumycota . Ascomycotina . Sphaeriales . '- • , \ A group of slightly fusiform hyaline ascospores with a median transverse septum. In lactophenol and cotton blue. LM x 600 A group of small cylindrical hyaline conidia. In lactophenol and cotton blue. LM x 600 I • I An ascospore, showing a rough, low warty structure of the exosporium. ) Petrak Eumycota . Ascomycotina . Sphaeriales . Sphaeriaceae Three fusiform, dark brown, opaque ascospores, with one side flattened . LM x 700 An ascospore showing a very smooth exosporium.

Cortinariaceae Basidiospores in lateral and frontal views; apical differentiation is seen in the smooth wall (to the left). LM x 2000 Minutely verrucose basidiospore in adaxial-abaxial profile, with lateral proximal hilar appendix where the hilar zone is depressed and with a distal, rounded differentiation. SEM x 8000 54 31 Inocybe subcarpta Boursier&Kiihner Eumycota· Basidiomycotina . Hymenomycetes . Agaricales . Cortinariaceae A polygonal-gibbous basidiospore with large bosses. J A basidiospore showing largely subconical, rounded protuberances, a short hilar appendix and a slightly scabrous surface.

Pucciniaceae Teliospore with seven cells, a hyaline distal append ice and a long pedicel. LM x 2000 Teliospores ornamented with irregular verrucose tubercles and with enlarged pedicel at the base. SEM x 2700 41 18 Puccinia graminis Persoon Eumycota · Basidiomycotina . Teliomycetes . Uredinales . Pucciniaceae An aeciospore. LM x 2000 Uredospores in different foci. The uredospore on the left in high focus , the other in optical cross-section. LM x 2000 An aeciospore almost completely covered with numerous warts.

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