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By Riboulet Mathieu

Bastien a l. a. trentaine. Il a passé son enfance en Corrèze dans un hameau isolé, au sein d’une famille aimante. À huit ans il tombe amoureux de Nicolas, un de ses camarades de classe, qui disparaît peu après dans un twist of fate de voiture. N’ayant pu consacrer sa vie à ce garçon, Bastien los angeles consacrera aux hommes que le hasard mettra sur sa course. Bastien est régisseur de théâtre, il aime aussi l’escalade, quand il n’est pas sur les plateaux il affronte les à-pics des grands causses de Lozère. En outre, depuis l’enfance, il s’habille parfois en fille pour voir remark le monde alors apparaît et répond. Enfin il arrive qu’il ne soit ni au théâtre ni au grand air, ni habillé en garçon ou en fille, mais nu dans quelques movies pornographiques qui lui permettent d’allier l’utile à l’agréable.C’est dans un de ces motion pictures que je l’ai vu pour l. a. première fois. Je ne me suis jamais remis de los angeles liberté insolente de sa présence. Devant l’écran où je me tiens caché, à l’ombre de l. a. lumière que Bastien projette, sans fin j’interroge le mystère de son apparition, le sens qu’elle confère à ma vie. Je tente ici de deviner tout ce que les movies où je le vois s’ébattre dérobent à ma vue (son enfance, son travail, sa famille, ses amours, ses habits), me laissant dans l’exercice conjugué du regard et du désir, dans los angeles contemplation d’un portrait lumineux et brutal à peaufiner pour les jours, désormais proches, où l’ombre gagnera.

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Why? Judit said her Arabic was very bad, and that she was ashamed to speak it; Elena launched into it more easily, but her pronunciation was like Bassam’s in Spanish or French: incomprehensible. I was a little ashamed; around us the guys who were watching their fiancées drink milkshakes and inhale deeply, eyes closed over their straws, weren’t missing a scrap of our conversation. They were definitely thinking to themselves: look at those two idiots, they’ve unearthed a pair of tourists and they’re talking to them about the Prophet, what assholes.

I didn’t want to stay there. I was full of superhuman energy, an incredibly powerful anger. I took all the money I had and left. The Group was at prayers again, I crossed the large room without trying to be discreet, Bassam raised his head from his prostrations to motion to me, I went out and slammed the door. I had 200 dirhams in my pocket, enough to buy myself a few drinks. I thought about giving the money to the bookseller in restitution, but I was too ashamed to go back there. Plus he was probably in the hospital.

Right now, the conversation was centered on the Cave, and on its commentary; one was asking why the Imam hadn’t insisted on the first verses, that attack against the Christians, and the fact that God had no son; the other was worried about the emphasis placed on the dog, the guardian of the Seven Sleepers, who watched over them during their sleep; a third found that there really were more pressing matters to concern oneself with than the land of Gog and Magog and Two-Horned Alexander. Sheikh Nureddin brought the discussion to an end, spitting out Mistik!

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